September 23, 2023

Additional Cost of Towing

Towing Service needed roadside assistance is usually only offered to the nearest repair shop and storage area. But what if there is no one to take care of your car when you break down in a remote location? Towing Service is available to tow any type of vehicle irrespective of its size. If you want to avail of this service, you can call for a quote online by filling up an easy application form.


There are specific parameters to be evaluated to determine the rates to be charged for towing. These are Usage Cost, Recovery Time, Type of Vehicle, Driving History, and the Distance to be Towed. You must understand that the actual time towing may vary depending on the type of vehicle, Driving History, Usage Cost, Recovery Time, and Distance. The usage cost is determined per mile, and the minimum charge is 10 cents per mile. The recovery time is measured in hours, and the maximum amount is sixty hours.

Before availing of roadside help, you should make sure that your vehicle is safe and secure. If you have any rented vehicle, contact the rental company if the car was not maintained properly. Accidents are sometimes unavoidable, and you may not have control over your car while driving on the road. Towing an accident victim is the best way to ensure the safety of all those involved in an auto accident.

If you have a Rental Car, call your insurance company to know special coverage for rented vehicles. If yes, then you can proceed with renting a new car. There are two types of towing services available, namely, DARP and Non-DARP. Non-DARP towing services are usually costly, whereas DARP pulling is affordable depending on the distance you will go.

The most commonly used towing methods are roadside assistance and towing through the premises of the vehicle. Roadside aid is when the driver arrives at the place of the incident after the accident has taken place. On the other hand, tow across state lines is commonly used when the other party’s vehicle is out of state. Therefore, there are some reasons why one should hire the services of professional towing companies.

The towing rates depend on the vehicle’s weight, the distance towed, and the towing employed. For example, Towing light trailers are less expensive than those carrying heavy trailers. On the other hand, towing a caravan is comparatively cheaper than a truck, but a person needs to pay extra money for fuel and maintenance of the caravan. So, it would be better to opt for the car towing rates rather than deciding on the towing rates of the caravan based on the caravan’s weight.

Some people prefer to use non-owned trailers because such trailers are cheaper. No one owns these trailers, and therefore, they are offered at a very affordable rate. However, even if one purchases such trailers, they have to hire a truck for towing the vehicle. If there is no towing facility available at the location, one must pay extra money to hire a car to tow the trailers.

When one decides to use this method to tow a vehicle, the towing service will provide the necessary equipment to pull the car. These include particular kinds of trucks for taking damaged vehicles or other types of vehicles. In addition, special trucks are also available to tow large trailers. Sometimes, towing trailers require more than one truck to haul the trailers alone. So, to avail of the additional cost of the tow, one has to pay extra money.